I was calling to say that I really really appreciate Smeed.  My first impression when I called Smeed was very helpful when I before I met the office folk.  And then when I walked in the presentation at your office was just spectacular!  So I will be a returning customer and thanks, the professionalism over there is just wonderful.  And thanks a lot and thanks for helping me.

Brunetta Gallaread

Brentwood, CA

My husband and I are so grateful to have found Smeed CPAs Inc to prepare out taxes.  Working with the professional, knowledgeable and personable staff was a wonderful experience.  We were thrilled when our tax preparer Steve went above and beyond to find a huge error that was made by our last tax preparer, which resulted in a nice refund for us.  We will definitely be using this company for our tax preparation in the future.  I highly recommend them!  Thank you so much.

Denise Emery, Brentwood, CA

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Click PLAY to hear this Client testimonial.

Listen to & Read Reviews From a Few of Our Clients!

I have been with Michael Uadiale & Smeed CPA out of Brentwood for I think 2 years.  And in the 2 years have had some challenging tax concerns and some investment challenges come up.  And I can honestly say that the staff there at the Brentwood office are extremely communicative, they're very professional, they're very prompt.

They really do make sure that you have all the information that you need so that you're able to make a well informed decision.  They tailor you care by their office according to your personal needs, business structure, financial structure and goals.  

They don't just group you in to a bunch of people and make you do what everyone else is doing.  They actually look at your budget, they actually look at how you spend and what your goals are and where you are now and where you want to see yourself.  Of course they make suggestions and they help to guide you and navigate you through these financial waters but they always partner with you and growing your money and having a financial success.  And I'm very very thankful.  So thank you very much Michael Uadiale and staff at Smeed CPA in Brentwood.


I'm calling on behalf of H & M Events Management Planning.  I've had a wonderful time working with Smeed CPA.  They have been my CPA for the business for 2 years and it's been a blessing having them.  They have put all my books and my business in order.  I am pleased working them. Thank you.

Helen Obinyan - H & M Events Management Planning

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Click PLAY to hear this Client testimonial.

Michael Uadiale, ACA/CPA | SMEED CPA, Inc | 201 Sand Creek Road, Suite F | Brentwood, CA 94513

The Next Frontier CPA Firm™ | www.SmeedCPA.com | info@smeedcpa.com | Phone: 925-634-2344 | Fax: 925-634-2346

My name is Jon-Paul.  I'm the Vice President and Chief Operation Officer of Grace Outreach Coaliltion.  This CPA organization here has helped us tremendously.  

When we first started our non-profit organization we came to Michael and he helped us to take care of our taxes.  And also to our 501c which was very important for us.  We had no idea what we needed to do and he was graciously able to help us.  And the service I find doing business with them is outstanding.  If I have any questions they answer my questions to my understanding.

Also they are concerned about their work as far as with us.  And we and I have to say we have to take my hat off to them.  They have done everything to help us and know what our financial situation was at the time they generously went out of the way to support not only ourselves and organization but to give us ideas and thoughts of how we should do & handle our business as far as our financial is concerned.  I want to thank you Michael and all the people in your organizations for reaching out to us and god bless you.

Jon-Paul La'Kyes, M.S.

VP & COO - Grace Outreach Coalition

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I'm glad to say that I've been a client of Smeed CPA for about 4 years now.  And have always found them to be very responsive to every question.  And I really appreciate their accuracy, their warm customer service and very prompt response to every phone call and email.  I especially have appreciated working with Florinda for the past 2 years as she has been so patient in training me to learn a lot of our accounting principles.  And I feel like because of her patience we truly can work as a team as we move forward.  So I appreciate Smeed CPA and their consistent professionalism.

Verleeta White

Oakland, CA

This is actually my first year doing business with Smeed CPA.  Two things stick out to me.  One, your approach in how you go about gathering information from your clients.  I found your introductory questionnaire to be quite lengthy and in-depth in that it gave me a chance to take a long view of my financial life and plan accordingly.  Two, your attention to detail and accuracy is quite commendable particularly because I made a few errors in the type of information I gave to you.  So I have to say on a scale of 1 to 10 Smeed CPA has proven to be a 10. I'm looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.


Brentwood, CA

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Click PLAY to hear this Client testimonial.

Click PLAY to hear this Client testimonial.

You all are the best.  I have had an excellent experience with your firm.  I know this is a very tough time of the year for all of you but, I genuinely meant what I said, "you all are the best".  Thank you for have such great client service and an excellent CPA firm.

Paul A. Radziewski, Brentwood, CA

Michael thank you and your staff for doing such a grea job for me.  Your service is outstanding, I appreciate everything that you do.  As a brethren believer it's just awesome.  I plan on doing more things with you and just want to thank you for everything.  You've been a great help and I appreciate what you and your staff have done for me so far.  So thank you again and God bless all of you.

Francisco Ortega, Bosie, ID

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I was introduced to Michael Uadiale and his wife Noja in 2009 and began using the services of Smeed shortly thereafter.  My spouse had  recently passed and I felt comforted and in good  hands.  It has been a very pleasant journey.  Anytime I send an email, phone call or text inquiry I always get a quick and  informative response.  A friend and I were their guests at the recent Annual Client Dinner and were introduced to their new Financial Advisor, Pablo Blanco.  We have had several very cordial and productive meetings to date and I am excited as we move forward together.  Throughout my dealings with Smeed  and  Company I am comforted by the spirit of integrity that permeates the Company.  I highly recommend their services to others..

Jimmye Jackson, Oakland, CA

We recently had a problem with the IRS regarding back taxes. The amount was substantial, six figures, and IRS was threatening to seize money from our accounts. We had no idea what to do or who to contact. After doing some research, we found that Smeed CPA in Brentwood was highly recommended.

We called Smeed and talked with Steve Wyosnick. We explained our situation to him and told him we were very concerned. Steve was great in explaining what he needed and said he believed they could help and an appointment was set to meet with. We brought all the necessary information to him, by the way we saw him two days after talking on the phone. After looking at the information, Steve found the problem and told us we need to file an amended return and we would not owe any taxes. Smeed contacted the IRS and informed them of the amended return to be filed and that delayed any action that would be taken on our accounts. We felt relieved after talking with Steve.

Within three months from the time we contacted Smeed CPA, the problem was resolved. In fact, not only did we not owe any back taxes, but we received a refund from that tax year. During the whole time the staff at Smeed was professional, courteous and had our best interest in mind. They certainly know the complicated US tax code. Both my wife and I highly recommend Smeed CPA for any tax needs and we plan on using them to prepare our tax returns in the future.

Paul & Cynthia Smith, Brentwood, CA

Hi this is Pat and I'm calling from Antioch. I just started going to Smeed this year and so far my experience has been very pleasant.  I enjoyed dealing with Zoraya Garcia.  They made me feel very welcome and happy that I am trying this new adventure. And they explained everything in a very professional nice manner.  And I'm looking forward to doing more business with them in the future.

Pat from Antioch, CA

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David from Brentwood. I just moved over here and I found your name in the phone book plus the letter you sent me.  I would recommend you to anybody that I know and I'll be back next year, thank you.

David from Brentwood, CA

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5 Important Reasons to Choose SMEED CPA to Prepare Your Income Taxes

Dear Business Owner & Taxpayer:

When you work with a CPA or accountant on your income taxes, they will end up knowing more about you than your spouse or best friend so it’s important to choose the right one for you.

That is why I offer a FREE 30-MINUTE Private Consultation where you can ask me any question about myself, my firm, income taxes or tax preparation - just to get a feel for who I am and how we work.

If you listen to some of our Client Testimonials I think what they say will help you feel comfortable that Smeed CPA is a CPA firm you could enjoy working with.

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Now here are the 5 reasons to choose SMEED CPA as your tax preparer this tax season:

Unlike the strip mall tax prep companies that advertise on TV your return is prepared by a real Certified Public Accountant/CPA and not someone who decided a few months ago to take a crash course on tax preparation.

I will analyze your previous tax return and if I find a mistake or something in your favor, I will amend & refile the return for you.

If for some reason the IRS chooses you to be audited, I will represent you for FREE at the audit hearing and any subsequent meetings with them.

We are open year round so if there are any post-filing issues, you can call or come in any time and work through them.  We do not close up shop after tax season like many strip-mall tax preparers.

When we prepare your tax return you are entered into our drawing for an iPad mini and other prizes.  Paying taxes is not fun but we try to put some excitement into the process.

Just enter your information and I’ll automatically send you an email with with instructions on how to schedule our consultation.

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